About Arnaud Tawuo

Arnaud Tawuo

Over the course of his career, network architect Arnaud Tawuo has leveraged a diverse platform and knowledge to create lasting change for companies in multiple industries. Arnaud Tawuo started his career a network engineer for Transunion, one of the largest credit bureau in US.

After couple of years in this position, Arnaud Tawuo returned to the California and accepted of chief network architect for DirecTV, where he created network improvements to support company growth.

Successful in facilitating a network refresh, Mr. Tawuo also scaled the company’s data center into a public cloud with seven virtual private clouds (VPCs) and approximately 300 instances per VPC. Mr. Tawuo then advanced to senior network architect and consultant with Oracle.

At Oracle, Mr. Tawuo introduced a Full Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for use across 22 remote offices and used cloud technology to expand service availability. After a tenure in a similar role with grocery chain Safeway, Mr. Tawuo accepted his current position as senior solution architect consultant at AT&T, where he has succeeded at data center building and infrastructure improvement.